Katie Cassidy in The Scribbler (x)


Buffy Meme: [2/7] quotes -

Looks good, doesn’t it? They’re trapped in here. Terrified. Meat for the beast. And there’s nothin’ they can do but wait. That’s all they’ve been doing for days, waiting to be picked off, having nightmares about monsters that can’t be killed. But I don’t believe in that. I always find a way. I’m the thing that monsters have nightmares about. And right now you and me are gonna show ‘em why. It’s time. Welcome to Thunderdome.

"I just wanna bask."

The Scribbler - Official Trailer (2014)

orphan black meme: {1/6} scenes

↳ ♫ live fast, die young, bad girls do it well. ♫

"I don’t think Lana ever gave up. Ever. She still hasn’t, even in the finale…I think I really learned things from Lana. She’ll be in my heart forever. I never really cried at the end of a job from knowing how much I was going to miss the character I was playing. It was like she died. That was it. It’s over." | Sarah Paulson

Caroline Farrell [Request by Anonymous]

What kind of captain would you be? (x)

Seriously, man, just retire.


Angela Bassett | American Horror Story: Coven’ Panel - Comic-Con International 2014